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Turn up the heat on your fitness routine with
our unique  BOXX + BURN transformation programme.

Shed body fat,  learn the basics of nutrition, boost your confidence and learn how to box.

Get in the best shape, ever!



BOXX & BURN is a one of a kind programme, developed to improve your cardio fitness, strength and flexibility, all while learning the basics of boxing.

Improve your fitness levels, burn fat and boost your confidence with your new found results.

This programme comes with a free diet plan that will kick-start your fitness goals and get you in the best shape, ever.


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Learn boxing technique
Improve your cardiovascular fitness
Burn body fat
Boost your confidence
De-stress and have fun!


I have a track record of delivering results for my clients. During Marks' time with me, he achieved:

A 7kg drop in body fat in 4 months

A better understanding of eating to lose fat

Improved relationship with food

Able to wear favourite clothes again


Our sessions can be done 1-1 with a trainer, allowing you to get a more personalised approach, or with a small group.


Friends are welcome to join, with a maximum of 3 participants.



Hi! I'm Aaron and I have over 10 years of experience as a personal trainer, graduating in advanced personal training, nutrition programming and anatomy & physiology in 2012.

I'm an ex-martial artist having competed at national level in Taekwondo, before moving on to competing in both Thai Boxing and Boxing.

I've launched boxing classes in one of London's top health clubs before setting up my own business where I now train clients 1-1, teaching them boxing for self-defence, fitness and fat loss.

Come and try a session with me. You'll be in good hands!


Single Session


per session

Single session

Pay as you go

4 session pack


per session

Four sessions per month

Ideal for one session per week

Detailed nutrition plan with calories, protein, carbs and fat calculated.

8 session pack


per session

Detailed nutrition plan with calories, protein, carbs and fat calculated.

Eight sessions per month

Ideal for two sessions per week


Ready to get in the best shape of your life? Book a free session to see if we're a good fit. I'll look after you!

Enter your details and we'll book your free session.

Thanks for submitting!

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